Crickmay is a founder member of the process known as the Load Accreditation Programme (LAP), which became the Road Traffic Management System (RTMS) in 2004. Crickmay provides services to programmes in the sugar, coal and pulp and paper industries and has invested in the process as they saw the enormous potential benefits to clients that could accrue through a self regulated supply chain. Crickmay is the single largest company providing a range of turn-key RTMS services to the bulk industries of South Africa that include data procurement and warehousing, overload assessment, overload reporting, centralised automated weighbridge systems, vehicle design and a range of consulting services to facilitate and accelerate the process of attaining and thereafter retaining RTMS accreditation . This includes a Patent for vehicle combination assessment used extensively in the assessment of overloads. Crickmay has for over 8 years shown that if RTMS is correctly implemented, the self regulation process can deliver enormous returns in efficiency improvement, risk reduction, apart from the obvious benefits of good governance.

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